The Infinite Cycle

This is one of my Perlenspiel games that I designed as my final project for my Game Design 2 class.  Everything in this video was written in the Perlenspiel engine, entirely by me.  the source code is available below (if you want to play it or see the code).

source code:

Modulus Toy

This toy was programmed entirely in the Perlenspiel engine as well.  I used this first assignment of Game Design II to practice using the modulus operator.  The following video shows the toy in action.  Each cube spawn is set to a Modulus of a specific number: Red spawns if the timer is divisible by 2 with no remainder,  Green is by 3, Magenta is 4, Blue is 5, and Cyan is 6.  I added the sounds as well.  everything is in the source code below if you’d like to see or play it!

Source code:

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